What is The SMART Wagon:

Trailers that are built with our patented "SMART BACK" technology benefit from the increased load capacities resulting from removing all tongue weight from the tow vehicle and capitalizing on the combined GCWR of the truck and trailer. By installing our patented reversing self-steer axle under the front of the trailer, your truck/trailer combination will benefit from the following:

No Load on The Tow Vehicle - The SMART Wagon has ZERO variable tongue load! Carries ALL its own load and does not reduce the rear axle payload capacity of your vehicle

Backs Like A Conventional Trailer – The front axle allows the wagon to back up easily by reversing its steering geometry via a signal from the tow vehicle backup light circuit.

Tows Easy Behind The Tow Vehicle – follows truck in the exact same tracking pattern - allowing the ability to turn corners and go down alleys without

making a wide swing as with a normal trailer

Pull More, Do More, Safely – The SMART Wagon offers the ability to haul more cargo and tow it safely without overloading the truck

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